To retain your leather sofa’s timeless beauty for generations, it’s important to take care of your leather sofa. A leather sofa can add a touch of class and elegance to any living room. Although leather comes in limited shade offerings, its sleek and sophisticated-looking nature allows it to stay contemporary through all styles and season.

Here are some tips on how to take the best care of your sofa.

Tips to Clean and Take Care of Your Leather Sofa:

Removing Dust & Particles Appropriately

Firstly, gently remove dust and particles on the surface of your leather sofa with a vacuum cleaner. To avoid scratching the leather, use a soft brush attachment while you go about cleaning it.

Clean with Leather Care Kit

Secondly, avoid using harsh detergents to clean your sofa as it might damage the leather surface. Rather, dip a clean piece of cloth in some leather cleaning solution (CLEANSER) and gently wipe the entire sofa. Then, wipe the entire sofa using the leather conditioner (PRESERVE). You may use conditioners and cleaning solutions that are designed for leather surfaces and sofas.

Keep Away from Sunlight

Thirdly, prolonged exposure to sunlight and UV rays on leather causes it to age, dry up, and crack. Protect your sofa from being exposed to direct sunlight and always place your sofa at least two feet away from excessive heat sources.

Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions

Fourthly, your leather sofa will usually come with cleaning and care instructions from the leather sofa manufacturer. To ensure your leather sofa retains the quality the manufacturer designed it for, follow these instructions diligently.

Get Professional Help

Finally, get the assistance of professional sofa repair companies if you notice any cracks or rips on your leather sofa. It’s advisable to engage with professional cleaning services from time to time.

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